Benefits Of Using Rooftop Solar System

Indian government has started making a massive push towards solar energy and solar panels too. Currently, India has over 1.2 million homes that run on solar energy. The government has also multiplied its target and aims to achieve 100 GW of solar capacity from the existing current target of 20 GW for 2020 yr and targeting an investment of US$100 billion.

 India is a country that’s blessed with abundant sunshine. Indeed, while countries in Europe and other parts of the world look forward to seeing the sun, we are fortunate to have its rays shining upon us every day. This is one of the most important criteria for solar energy and our country already has it all. Solar energy has numerous benefits. It is safe, cheap, renewable, and is also extremely environment-friendly

Advantage for used solar energy-


  • Cut down the big electricity bills – Installing solar panels can help you save a huge amount of money on your electricity bills. The more solar power generation from your panel takes place, the lesser power you need to buy from the electricity company, thus helping you cut down on the electricity costs.

  • Low Maintenance: Solar panels require very less maintenance. Rain and snow are all you need to remove for maximum efficiency.

  • Immense government support – The government supports solar initiatives immensely. Both residential and commercial installations qualify for tax credits keeping the cost of the solar power generation more affordable. In fact, New York has some of the best solar tax credits and programs of any state. And in India too, Solar is booming and growing at a fast rate.
  • Increase your home value– Buying a house with solar panels converts into low electricity costs. Solar panels will increase the worth of any property in the market the same as with low property taxes, the ones in the school districts and with good home energy ratings. Surveys conclude that houses with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.

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