CBSE Board Exam 2020: Class 10th Science Board exam pattern

Class 10th is the most challenging years of the student’s life in India as they are taking their  first board examination. This is the time when students should put in more efforts in their studies secure better marks in the board examination. During this time, they will feel a little pressurized to perform well as the marks that they score will determine their entrance into 11th and 12th class. this is because  10th science Board exam provides basic knowledge of all subjects for further studies. it would be a completely new experience for you in appearing for board exams and therefore, you need to have thorough knowledge about all chapters and mostly, concepts of NCERT should be clear. we are providing some useful tips that may help students in the preparation of class 10 Science paper. let’s understand the paper pattern.

CBSE Class 10th science Board Exam Pattern

  • CBSE Class 10 Science question paper will have 30 questions in all. These questions will be divided into three sections; A, B and C.
  • Section A will have 14 objective type questions comprising MCQs, VSA type and assertion-reason type questions carrying 1 mark each.
  • Section B will have 10 very short answer type question carrying 3 marks each.
  • Section C will have 6 long answer type questions carrying 5 marks each.
  • Question paper will have no overall choice. However, internal choices will be provided in all three sections of paper.

Important tips to make effective preparation for CBSE Class 10 Science Exam

First and major thing you need to consider while preparing for the Science exam is focusing on NCERT book and reading all chapters thoroughly. All the questions in class 10 Science exam will be from NCERT book. Practice all questions and examples given in this book. 

  •  It is the best way to assess your knowledge and strengthen your concepts and basics. Moreover, it also gives you an idea of the problems and difficulties you may encounter while solving/answering questions in exam. So, you can have the right preparations to avoid those problems and write your exam appropriately. we are strongly recommendation for Ebook which are cheap in price and unique question.

10th science Board exam 

This Ebook or Question Bank have managed with CBSE previous years question papers is the most preferred way due to its unique approach for student’s convenience. it involves different methods ,like providing solutions to various complex problems students face in regular learning. it also helps students understand the need to learn to manage their time as well as stress during exams it will give them a clear insight regarding the pattern of the actual board exam helping them to be better prepared for the same. It makes your exam strategies to study for science a lot easier and quicker by  covering all the important question for the exam.

Class 10 Science Unit-wise Weightage for Board Exam

cbse exam pattern


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